Swimfassst training package

Swimfassst training package with Surf ironman Craig Riddington
Summer Package Specials

1 Session Package $230.00

Once you have purchased your package - I will be in touch to arrange your session times and delivery of the device craig@seaaustralia.com.au

Includes Swimfassst Device (RRP - $127.00), ½ hr. lesson with Craig Riddington at Freshwater rock pool.

For more info email craig@seaaustralia.com.au

2 Session Package $310.00

Includes Swimfassst Device (RRP - $127), ½ hr. lesson with Craig Riddington, ½ hr. follow up lesson with Craig Riddington 

Once you have purchased your package - I will be in touch to arrange your session times and delivery of the device.

For more info email craig@seaaustralia.com.au

Buy just the swimfassst device
Session Objectives

• To help you to understand the inefficiencies in your stroke, and how to correct them using the swimfassst device.
• To provide other pointers to enhance and economize your stroke
• To better understand forward propulsion in swimming
• To better plan and implement your swimming training, for whatever swimming sport you participate in

Session outputs

I will be able to quickly evaluate your stroke, however will not correct it until after your first use of the swimfassst device, in this time correction will have already begun as well as a better understanding of your stroke.

During the first session we will do a range of drills with the swimfassst device, and freestyle/breaststroke swimming at a comfortable speed. I will also be able to help you to better plan your sessions with and without the device, to get the best out of the effort you put into each session.

By repairing the front of your stroke, I can easily work on the remaining parts of the stroke during the first session or the follow up session

Session outcomes

At the completion of the session your stoke will be
• More relaxed
• More economical
• Stronger
• Better water feel
• Less fatigued
• Correction of muscle memory and subconscious understanding of stroke

At the completion of your courses - we can organise further sessions in the pool or surf with myself or with our SEA Australia instructors

For more information or questions email me

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Craig Riddington

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