Surf Survival Courses

Surf Survival Courses are a pre-requisite for school students to participate in School Surfing programs for sport under the supervision of school teachers. Without passing the Surf Survival Course Award - it would be inadvisable for teachers to take school kids into the surf during school hours under their supervision (SEA Australia can otherwise cater in this instance). The Award course listed below (OSSA) is awarded by the Australian Professional Ocean Lifeguard Association (APOLA) and accredited by the DET. Suppliers of this program must be approved by APOLA. Teachers can also participate in award courses (School Surfing Supervisor Award) to allow them to take their students into the surf for surfing sport programs.

SEA Australia is an authorised supplier of these courses.

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paddle in rip take of lie down
stand up
SURF SURVIVAL (student)- 3 hr course (OSSA)

a. Still water skills evaluation

b. Surf survival and self rescue skills

c. Surf awareness lecture

d. Rip identification

e. Basic first aid

f. Basic rescue in moderate surf conditions

g. Perform basic surf manoeuvres in controlled conditions

School Surfing Supervisor Award (teacher)- 3 hr course (SSSA)

This course is similar to the OSSA, with the following components:

Swim 500m (in a 25m to 50m length pool) in a time less than 12 minutes

  • Complete a Surf Mission over a set M shape course commencing with 200m swim, followed by 200m beach run, followed by 200m surfcraft paddle and concluding with a 200m beach run demonstrating fitness and competence in negotiating the surf
  • Demonstrate surfcraft rescues using personal surfcraft such as: paddle to rescue an unconscious and/or conscious patient; demonstrate patient approach; demonstrate rollover, duck-dive and leg-hook patient pick-up techniques; deep water resuscitation, patient return demonstrating patient care including DRABCD assessment and placing patient in recovery position.


  • Participate in a presentation covering knowledge, skills and understandings for surfing supervision competencies such as location safety check, liaison with lifeguards, emergency procedures and understandings of student requirements for school surfing activity.
  • Written examination.

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