Surf Education and Surf Skills for Schools

Surf Education and Surf Skills is fun, educational and safe with Surf Educate Australia (SEA). Surf Education and Surf Skills programs have been developed by SEA to work within the school syllabus.

Surf Educate Australia is the premier provider of Surf Education & Surf Skills training in Australia for schools. Having already contributed to the preservation of Australian lives - Surf Educate Australia aims to further reduce the national coastal drowning rate.

Surf Educate Australia programs have been specifically designed in association with experts in coastal sciences and Surf Education, to set a new benchmark in Surf Education and coastal environment. A theoretical classroom setting introduces the key Surf Education concepts, the student’s newly acquired knowledge is then conveyed at the beach, where they participate in active & educational activities.

Surf Educate Australia encourages all students to enjoy the many activities we offer, while learning to appreciate and care for the delicate coastal environment.

Surf Education Programs (see below) Surf educate 2

“Surf Educate Australia" is a "performance authorised within the Performances for Schools Program managed by the NSW Department of Education & Training.”

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* Rip currents are the second most dangerous natural hazard in Australia after severe heat

* 97% of Australian beaches have NO lifeguard or lifesaver service

* During summer - one person drowns every three days in a rip current

* Studies have shown the majority of Australians cannot identify a rip current

4th term surf education

OH&S risk analysis and emergency plan

SEA School Programs School brochure PDF

1. IN-HOUSE SURF EDUCATION - 1 hour in-house power point presentation learning:

a. Coastal geography & environment

b. Surf zones – dangerous and safe areas

c. Rips – identification and easy escape methods

d. Waves – negotiating and returning to the beach safely

2. SURF SKILLS & AWARENESS - 4hr course learning:

Surf education as in (1), then progressing on to a practical environment participating in:

a. Rip identification and survival by demonstration

b. Still water assessment and basic survival skills

c. Paddling a foam surfboard and catching waves

d. Surf negotiation and body surfing

e. Rip escape on foam surfboards (advanced course)

3. SPORT PROGRAMS – 1hr 30 weekly programs over a full term

* Surf skills & surf education

* Kayaking, Beach Volleyball, Waterworks

* Surfing

* Surfing (Manly – short boards in between swimming flags)

4. SURF SURVIVAL - 6 hr course.

a. Still water skills evaluation

b. Surf survival and self rescue skills

c. Surf awareness lecture

d. Rip identification

e. Basic first aid

f. Basic rescue in moderate surf conditions

g. Perform basic surf manoeuvres in controlled conditions

* Completing this course will also allow students to progress onto surfing as a school sport

COASTAL STUDIES & ACTIVITIES TOUR - 5 hrs course (terms 1-3 on Sydney Northern Beaches).

Coastal geography, science & environment studies for primary and high schools, surf education and skills activities

a. Surf awareness and coastal geography

b. Surf Skills

c. Beach & coastal walks

d. Aquarium

* This premier program can include fantastic accommodation on Sydney Harbour or the Northern Beaches. One or two day tours can be tailored to meet your schools syllabus requirements, and can also include activities run in conjunction with the Coastal Environment Centre - a leader in environmental fieldwork. A must for regional schools!

Syd lakeside

For your next School tour of Sydney, why not consider Surf Educate Australia.

For Accommodation options visit Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park.

Multi Award Winning BIG4 Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park at Narrabeen on Sydney’s famous Northern Beaches

Bonnie hills

Board races

About Surf Educate Australia

Surf Educate Australia school programs have been developed working in line with the NSW school syllabus. Our key roles are to reduce accidental drowning, to keep Australians healthy & active, and to provide awareness of coastal geography & environmental education.

Surf Educate Australia staff are hand selected from the best Surf Lifesavers and Surf Lifeguards in the country, each gifted with a passion for teaching surf safety. Many are elite competitors whose professionalism ensures a safe and supportive environment for students to participate and learn.

Our school programs improve self esteem and happiness in all children!

Surf Educate Australia understands the importance of Surf Education on Australian beaches. We have identified the need for practical, community and tourist based surf programs, that provide the safety messages and survival techniques unknown by the majority of Australians and international tourists.

These courses are designed to increase the level of awareness participants have about the surf and also to boost their confidence in the surf.

Our basic courses cater for all participants, regardless of their athletic ability, previous beach/ocean experience or level of confidence. Courses are adapted by our Instructors to ensure that every participant gains the required knowledge, while participating within their individual comfort zone. Advanced courses include practical surf skills lessons - learning how to negotiate the surf and use the ocean and the waves correctly to return to the shore.

Active Kids Activities

All SEA programs cater for the health and wellbeing of the youth of Australia

Other activities which can be included in school beach programs include:

* Surf school (stand up surfing), advanced surf skills
* Beach volleyball
* Water slides (Manly venue only)
* Beach programs (selected venues)
* Kayaking (selected venues)

water slides

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