School Surf Education

School Surf Education programs have been developed by Surf Educate Australia, working inline with the school syllabus. SEA's  Surf Education programs save lives! and it is well recognised that the best way to reduce drowning is to educate Australians through the school system

Surf Educate Australia School Surf Education programs provide the most comprehensive coastal science and up to date surf safety information. This combines with hands on practical instruction on the beach, and in the surf.

Surf Educate Australia's key roles are to reduce accidental drowning and keep Australians healthy and active whilst caring for and learning about our delicate environment. Our School Surfing Programs improve self esteem and happiness in all children!

Programs are listed below or can be customised to suit your schools requirements
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School Surf Education program

sea longSEI accred

Surf Educate Australia is the adopted program of Surf Educators International Inc. Global experts in lifeguard & water safety services. All SEA programs are accredited by the Association of Surf Educators international Inc

SCHOOL PROGRAMS (see below) (See also video of school kids negotiating rips)

SCHOOL PROGRAM VENUES - Manly, Bondi, Cronulla, Dee Why, Nth Wollongong and more

Supporting Documents at bottom of page (includes OH&S, Brochures, program waiver and Syllabus outcomes)

SEA School Surfing Programs


1. IN-HOUSE SURF EDUCATION - 50 minute in-house power point presentation learning:

a. Coastal geography & environment

b. Surf zones – dangerous and safe areas

c. Rips – identification and easy escape methods

d. Waves – negotiating and returning to the beach safely

2. SURF SKILLS & AWARENESS - 4hr course learning:

Surf education as in (1), then progressing on to a practical environment participating in:

a. Rip identification and survival by demonstration

b. Still water assessment and basic survival skills

c. Paddling a foam surfboard and catching waves

d. Surf negotiation and body surfing

e. Rip escape on foam surfboards (advanced course)

3. SPORT PROGRAMS – 1hr 30 weekly programs over a full term

* Surf skills & surf education

* Kayaking, Beach Volleyball, Waterworks

* Surfing (the NSW DET stipulates that students have to complete a surf survival course prior to participating in surfing as a school sport)

* Surfing (Manly – short boards in between swimming flags)

4. SURF SURVIVAL - 6 hr participation only course

a. Still water skills evaluation

b. Surf survival and self rescue skills

c. Surf awareness lecture

d. Rip identification

e. Basic first aid

f. Basic rescue in moderate surf conditions

g. Perform basic surf maneuvers in controlled conditions

5. APOLA (Australian Professional Ocean Lifeguard Association) Ocean Safety Surfer Award (OSSA)

This is the same course as the above Surf Survival course,  with the option to gain a DET accredited award Participants will be required to add testing to the surf survival program which includes a 200m swim in the ocean and surf negotiation task

6. Stand up SURFING 
Dee Why

2 hr lesson on 6 ft and 8ft softboards. We supply boards, wetsuits and legropes

The lesson incorporates the use of rips (in most cases) to get out through the surf. This also enables the participants to learn about surf education whilst having fun in the surf


Supporting Documents

Risk Assessment – Safety & OH&S Management Plan

School Programs Brochure

Program waiver

Syllabus Outcomes (below)


* Rip currents are the second most dangerous natural hazard in Australia after severe heat

* 97% of Australian beaches have NO lifeguard or lifesaver service

* During summer - one person drowns every three days in a rip current

* Studies have shown the majority of Australians cannot identify a rip current 

About Surf Educate Australia (SEA)

SEA is the premier provider of surf education & skills training in Australia for schools. Having already contributed to the preservation of Australian lives - SEA aims to further reduce the national coastal drowning rate.

SEA programs have been specifically designed in association with experts in coastal sciences and surf safety, to set a new benchmark in surf education and coastal environment. A theoretical classroom setting introduces the key surf education concepts, the student's newly acquired knowledge is then conveyed at the beach, where they participate in active & educational activities.

We encourage all students to enjoy the many activities we offer, while learning to appreciate and care for the delicate coastal environment.

Riddo teaching at Byron

Nth Coast school


Courses comply with the NSW Department of Education and
Training PH/H/PE, HSIE, and Geography Syllabus' on the following outcomes:

K-6 PD/H/PE – decision making, moving, problem solving, active lifestyles, games and sport, personal health choices and safe living.

K-6 HSIE – Environments

7-10 PD/H/PE – Movement skills and performance, individual and community health, lifelong physical activity, and skills that enhance learning in physical activity.

7-10 Geography - Knowledge and understanding about how people and communities modify, and are affected by the environment, global environments (coast and geomorphic process), geographic issues affecting Australian geography, and oceanography.

SEA Programs also fulfill requirements for the 7-10 Science Syllabus, as well as Preliminary and HSC PD/H/PE - geography, senior science, and the DET endorsed marine studies course.

Full detailed list of syllabus outcomes


SEA Australia was formed in 1998 to provide activity programs for the Australian Schools, the public and overseas visitors - using the beach and ocean as the playground. Prior to the development, such activities only formed part of elite groups within Surf Lifesaving Clubs. SEA's Surf Education programs have since become a permanent fixture in the calenders of many east coast schools, as they provide vital aquatic survival content - available to all kids regardless of their age or physical ability

Enjoyment of activities on the beach in the surf are traditionally very Australian pastimes, yet until now, there has been little, if any, skills passed on to the general public from our elite Ironmen and surf champions. SEA has obtained the services of the very best surf instructors from competitive surfers and surf Lifesavers, lifeguards and sports coaches.

The future of SEA sees us being more hands on with aquatic survival and development of children's swimming abilities. Programs have been developed to provide participants with aquatic chore stability and water feel, using foam boards and other equipment as excellent tools to enable kids to move through the water, developing specific muscle groups and developing chore strength to assist. Without this - participants ability to float and escape d

angerous situations is increased.

SEA believes that if participants can comfortably stay afloat and move slowly through the water, and submerge without panic – then they should not drown in any aquatic environment

Body surfing


Surf Educate Australia works in partnership with the Science of the Surf, Apola, Bondi Rescue, Lifeguarding services Australia & Surf Educators International Inc.

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School Surf Education programs

School Surf Education programs


School Surfing and Sport

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Founder - Craig Riddington

Craig Riddington - ironman, swimmer, President Surf Educators International


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