SWIMFASSST instructions

Swimfassst uses

* Dog paddle drill, using different settings as desribed below - pulling one arm at a time without stopping or pausing at the end of each stroke, rather quick excelleration from end of stroke to underwater recovery (see video)

Using the different slot settings

Setting 1 (most inside slots) Use this to islotate hand scull, this can be done one hand at a time or both hands together, to create water feel and a relaxed hand. this will also connect the first part of the stroke to your core and ensure a streamline catch

Setting 2 (next setting out) use this setting to isolate the hands and foreams, this can be done one arm at a time for freestyle specific, or two arms for breaststroke/butterfly. This will introduce more of the front of stroke without losing streamlining and continued connection to core. Smaller swimmers and females may not need to continue past this setting

Setting 3 (third setting out)introduce more of upper arm and back muscles, by introducing more rotation being careful not to pull back too far under the body. Most swimmers will not need to proceed past this setting

Setting 4 (forth setting out) for larger swimmers

* Double hand scull with arms stretched out just moving forward using small hand movements (inner settings), you can also do kick sets while working this drill

* Breastroke catch on wider settings, you will not be able to bull back far, it is only working front of stroke

* Kick sets, disconnect and use as a kickboard holding the device halfway along. keep elbow sleeves on to go immediately back to sculling drills, you could also do one arm swimming

* Resistance training, strap the elbow sleeves around ankles, and connect the device downward into slots on inner setting (you will have to get out of the pool to do this) swim normally with the device creating resistance

Swimfassst tips

* This device is not to be used to swim freestyle or other strokes. It is a specific device to correct
front of stroke by way of drills under the water, with recovery as well - under the water
* Specific dog paddle and sculling drills, which are the best drills to improve stroke and water feel.
* By correcting front of stroke technique - will allow the user to correct and improve the remaining
parts of the swimming stroke

 * This device may be difficult to use at first for some swimmers, therefore you may require a one on one training session
with our swimfassst instructors, however you will quickly respond to the devices intended use.

* The elbows should never be lifted; the stroke is required to go into recovery under water like breaststroke,
before any elbow lift is required as in a freestyle stroke
* The hand needs to stay inside the elbow at the back of stroke (never outside) and once under the chest area - needs to recover
like a breaststroke recovery (cutting the water)
* Keep your head above the water, you can put your head in a proper swim positon, however it may turn on
more dominant muscles around neck which need to be relaxed
* As you get used to the device - start to rotate the body more by reaching further
* Ensure hands are relaxed, never tight or fingers pushed together, this creates a greater area of water to hold
* Don't try to push the device down with elbows; It is intended to keep the elbows buoyant to create
early vertical forearm action
* Use a pull buoy if your legs are sinking
* For specific arm drills, only kick lightly for balance with concentration on front of stroke.
* The device can also be used in conjunction with arm use during kick sets once familiarized

Putting on the swimfassst device

1. Put sleeves over the elbow so the join button is on the most internal elbow joint (sleeves are universally fitted)
2. Attach straps around sleeve with a bent elbow so they are firm (not tight)
3. Connect button join into device (a setting slightly wider than shoulders for dog paddle drill)
by sliding in forward with join openings facing you (this will be your standard setting)
4. For front sculling use the setting inside your standard setting, and for Breaststroke scull - use the setting
outside your standard setting. For smaller adults and children use a smaller setting
4. To disconnect - hold device firm against body and pull at the joining point directly back
5. To take out plastic slot covers slide out with thumb without pushing downwards, it may be a little tight

Diagram 1: Sleeves on elbow Diagram 2: Straps secured Diagram 3: Attach to device Diagram 4: Attach to device

1 2 3 4

Diagram 5: Dog paddle arms Diagram 6 & Diagram 7: Under water recovery Diagram 8: Taking out slot covers


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