Escape a Rip in Rip School

Escape a Rip in Rip school, this is the goal of all SEA programs - teaching kids easy survival techniques in Escaping surf Rips and the importance of basic water safety messages in Australia

SEA is a major contributor to water safety in Australia

Escape a Rip in Rip School 


Most Surf Educate Australia school programs include some kind of rip escape content. This enables the children to see how easy it can be to ride and escape a rip to safety, providing confidence that rips do not go "out to sea" rather back over to a safe sand bank in most instances



Watch as school children show the simple technique of escaping a rip by floating.

Surf Educate Australia's lessons equip students with skills that can save their life and the lives of family members by participating in this amazing practical lesson


Awesome rip at manly with brave kids from St Pius

(ST Pius part 1)

(St Pius part 2)

Surf Lifesaving school and Surf Educate Australia share the same beach

Dee Why Beginners rip school program

Dee Why beach provides a great rip for continual rip escapes for school kids

Manly rips arent running like usual, however managed to get some rip escapes at the higher tide

Manly surf ed program


Note how quickly the rip moves off the shore and along the rocks before it swings back along the beach onto a sandbank where the kids can stand.

Escape a Rip by floating (school lesson)

Use the rip to get out to the surf break on a surfboard (school lesson)

Kids from Beronia Park in Sydney's west show how simple it is to Escape a Rip whilst having lots of fun

Dee why beach Rip Escapes with a nice flow in the south corner and small rips inside the surf break

School students have negotiated the rip and catch waves back to the beach

We find a large rip at DY north of the surf club, students watch instructor Jess Escape a Rip, then wish to volunteer a couple of their piers to try. We use another tamer rip further south to educate a group of less confident swimmers

Ski paddlers trying to negotiate large surf at Queenscliff, 2 go out on bank and one takes the rip. See who moves the quickest


Surf Educators international rip survival guide and surf tips (Click to enlarge)

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